About Kristin

Emmy nominated Kristin Rose Kelly is a self taught artist who has developed her unique sound as soon as she had her hands on her first guitar at age 12. Since then she has toured the US and frequents her home base in the Chicago land area creating waves and buzz with her strong passionate voice and dynamic songs. With her recent release of her title track album "Pantyhose" which has sold out in the first month's debut, Kristin says it's her "female rock anthem", meant to empower women. The music she writes touches on many views with a lot of her songs havingĀ an underlying hint of that magical child like wonder. She is a melody first inspired writer as her lyrics fall naturally into place. Kristin is considered by numerous writers as prolific and has written for other artists as well including southern Belk winner Eryn Shewell with whom she also toured with as a back up singer and lead guitarist on her southern Belk tour. Other accolades include singing and writing for Al Krouse, opening for Dilana, and Isaiah Grass, and writing the intro theme to Herman the Jester which gained an Emmy Nomination. Her song "Pantyhose" has been aired on Chicago's "Rock the Fox" and her albums sell well and snowball new fans everywhere she plays.